How do the under developed coun tries can get out of the vicious cycle of poverty over night?

overnight impossible.However if superpowers like the US stop exploiting them they might make it in the long run
First they have to overcome the corruption of their statesmen, and then they may have a fighting chance.
They don't.
The underdeveloped countries cannot get out of the vicious cycle of poverty overnight. No way. If this were possible, today's developed countries would not have become developed. The people in the underdeveloped countries do not care to know the kind of struggle and hard work people in the developed countries had to do when they were underdeveloped and the pains they take to keep their economies prosperous. Since most people in underdeveloped countries have remained in ignorance, illetracy, ill education and closed to global exosure, they always try to find out the easiest route to prosperity through magic wand which never existed. Hard work in getting educated, acquiring scientific and technological minds, cultivating intelligence and competence and facing the challanges of stiffest competetion will help over a period 4 / 5 decades to eradicate poverty. Poverty cannot go alone. Poverty will reduce as illiteracy, ill-education, laziness, unscientific behavior, corruption, dependence on Govt. for prosperity, dependence on politicians for everything, political boot-licking, unhigenic life styles, - all these simultaneously reduces.
The story of the way to prosperity of today's developed world tell us that. Big talks and tricks will yield nothing. The world is for the real performars and not creepers, beggers and the low quality intellect societies. Study the history of the rise and fall of societies and civilizations in history books.

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