Tell 1 unique statement about Economics (in Introduction textbook) that you like!?

Example #1:

"It is not by the good intentions of the Butcher, the Baker, or the Brewer we get our meat, bread or beer, it is from their self-interest." Adam Smith.

Read this in "Adam Smith's Mistake", the premise of that book was the founder of modern Economics should have considered it from not only self-interest but the good of the common wealth the providers of goods and services act.

Example #2:

Economics is social science about production, consumtion, and distribution of goods and services. The objective of economists itself is to make all that above run effieciently.

* the example above is very simple, I want to make sure that every statement is possible *

10 pts. for good or detailed answer.

Paraphrase:"Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources which have alternate uses."

Succinct. Economics isn't about money. It's about resources and their use.
Economics is the science of money. I liked this one because that is essentially what it is. A lot of people don't consider economics a science because it isn't biological but it really is because economists still do experiments and come up with useful data.

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