How does inflation afeect people are there any benefits to inflation?

Any websites that talk about the effects and benefits on inflation would be appreciated

Other than wiping out savings accounts, it doesn't have much of an effect.
it's good for stock price.
Inflation, which is a rise in general price levels can benefit some and hurt others. If you have debts that are denominated in nominal dollars, and inflation increases, your salary and wages may be increased, but your debt payments may stay the same. This would make you a winner and the lender a loser. A good example would be taking out a $100,000 mortgage for a $120,000 house. If, over a 15 year period, prices doubled and you were only making interest payment on your mortgage, you would still owe $100,000, but the value of the house would be $240,000 (though those dollars are only worth half as much). The end result is that in real dollars, your house is worth what it was before, but your mortgage debt has fallen in half!

People on fixed incomes that aren't indexed for inflation are the biggest losers. These are often the elderly or lower-income people, which provides a strong reason to avoid high inflation.

The impact of inflation on stocks isn't a good reason to hope for inflation, as your gains would still be taxed, even though they may not have increased in real value. In fact, this is an example of what is know as an "inflation tax".
inflation is a process that happens when people who invest make more money than they invest. (return on investment)
this create's more money in an economy, which means the coin itself gets worth less.

when there is no inflation, it means that anyone (on average) people are not making any money off their investments. now you can understand this is a bad thing for the business world.

however if there is a high inflation, the coin would loose value very fast, and this means ordinary things like food and housing get more expensive. the working man is going to feel this the most. as they have less money to spend this will hurt the economy (less spending means less sales for businesses)

so we need to find a midway. and most economists seem to think that an inflation between 1% and 1½% seems to be a healthy inflation.

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