Before you make a major purchase, do you do a lot of research online?

For things like electronics, homes, cars, etc. What kinds of things do you research before you buy?

What you do is check the websites security info. If it does not show or is outdated, you could wind up having your credit card number stolen! Check to see when the site was last updated, you may be buying outadted or old electronics at the wrong sites. Also, make sure your getting the right product at the best deal, comparing is GOOD! Next, research the product thorougly too. It may not be what you thought since you can't see it and touch in real life (PROBALY). Check the shipping costs and shipping company, you could be getting a broken item and shiping at a high cost. Next. See what kind of payments they except, PAYPAL is good also. See where the product is coming from, considering this China thing!
Hope this helps you.

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