This is urgent...the republic?

which is better? socialism or capitalism? please give me advantages and disadvantages.thanks

Neither. Both have strengths and weaknesses, both are seriously flawed, if used in isolation.

Remember that Communism was started using the pinciple that socialism was better than capitalism. Everyone was to be treated equally, contribute to society according to their abiliies, and get material benefits according to their needs. But very rapidly the system became one of power corrupts equally, and powerful people are more equal than less powerful people.

So the political leaders are corrupted by wealth and power, and the base of ordinary people are trampled over

Capitalism is a system that combines rewarding people for giving into greed, and provides opportunities for people to exploid their greed, or be exploited by it. When there is laissez faire capitalism (capitalism without government regulation) as we have today with the free market philosophy, the trend is towards the people consumers and workers being devalued.

So the market elite are corrupted by economic power, and the base of ordinary people are trampled over.

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