Can our economy sustain the constant rise in the cost of living?

the dollar is losing value. so we print more money.
money is created out of thin air through interest payments.
Is this all true? Is our economy so artificial, because of the inflation that we create?

every thing just keeps getting more and more expensive.
can it be sustained.
Is it just a matter of WHEN, our economy collapses?

No. What you say is kind of true but not entirely. The minds that run the treasury and federal commerce understand that they cannot just print more money. They follow strict proceedures and they operate totally independently of what happens on capitol hill.

Im not sure if you keep an eye on the market but right now we are at 6 year highs right now. The value of commodities be it housing, stock, cars etc. is dependent on how much money the consumer has. Therefore the cost of living will go as high as it can before it out reaches the demand of people with enough money to afford it.
According to the Federal Reserve inflation in the U.S. is no problem and well contained at around 2%, according to the core inflation index. However, the Fed excludes food and energy costs when calculating this core rate which does not make sense to alot of people. The cost of food is going up and we all know what the price of gasoline is doing to our wallets. I agree with you, that inflation may be more of a problem than the government is willing to acknowledge.
Yes. As long as the economy keeps expanding and goods and services cost more, than the economy is good.

When the prices for good and services go down that is bad. That means we are in an economic depression.

This is what happened in the great depression of the 1930's after the stock market crash of 1929. The last time the Republican president Herbert Hoover destroyed our economy. It took 10 years to get the economy back on track a little, thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt a Democrat.

Ask anyone that lived through those years or read up on it as it is very interesting.

All the economic conditions are extremely close to the 1929 situation just now, thanks to the results of ReaGUNomics since 1980.
We do have a strong economy right now, but a lot of signs are beginning to develop which could cause a collapse. One think in our favor is our debt in relation to our gross national product is not out of line. Since energy and food cost are no longer part of our inflation index it is unclear how the rise in these prices will ultimately effect us. However, it is disturbing to me that so much of our debt is held by foreign countries, with a large portion of that debt in the hands of China.

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