I wanna pursue ma education in careers related to Economics.?

hi, m Arushi
i study in class 12th. i want to do sumthing in economics.
i DONOT have maths wid me. i want to kno da scope of economics, the careers related, name of good colleges, placements,salary, etc.
Pls help me in making ma career, ma future..thanx.

This website will give you lots of insights into the field of economics:

It does not appear that you speak English as a first language.
In order to get into any college you are going to have better spelling and sentence structure unless you are not going to study in an English speaking country. You should be able to do at least the math needed for bookkeeping, because you are going to have to take some accounting courses.
I wish you the best but you are going to work hard to get up to speed to enter college.
the above mentioned address will help you

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