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In the national income and product accounts,___represents firm payments for loans received from households.
c-employee compensations

The short-run aggregate supply curve is most likely to shift up if:
a-oil prices fall
b-wages fall
c-sales taxes increase
d-the foreign currency depreciates in value

If companies begin to expect an improvement in the business climate, this will cause:
a-a movement down the agg demand curve
b-""up the ""
c-a rightward shift of the ""
d-a leftward shift of the ""

In 1967, the U.S. CPI was 35(1982-84=100) and in 2002 it was 174. From these figures we can conclude the U.S. prices increased about___ % b/w 1967 and 2002.

Which is classified as investment in the national income accounts?
a-increase in corporate stock volumes during the year
b-purchase of med supplies by Nat. Guard
c-increase in gov. spending
d-increase in business inventories

1-a because the money the firm takes in order to develop and thus has to repay is used for company development
2-c because only this would be a reason for people to reduce supply
3-c because they think this improvement will lead to them being able to charge higher prices

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