Can anyone outline the Impact of globalization on employees Advantages & Disadvantages?

also the
Impact of globalization on organization
Advantages & Disadvantages

If by globalization you mean more international trade, on average the standard of living will improve. But remember that you can drown in a river that is on average only one foot deep.

The impact on workers can be very different. One economic theory says that the type of worker that is relatively abundant compared to the other countries that you trade with will benefit the most. The relatively scarce workers will be harmed.

For example, consider more trade with Mexico. Compared to the US, Mexico has many unskilled workers. They will benefit the most from trade. Skilled workers in Mexico, however, may be harmed by trade because they have to compete with the many more skilled workers in the US.

It is just the opposite for the US, unskilled workers may be harmed because they have to compete with so many unskilled workers in Mexico. However, skilled workers will benefit the most in the US.

Unfortunately, this tends to worsen the distribution of income in the US and makes it harder for workers with just a high school education to get high paying jobs. On the other hand, lawyers, accountants, computer programmers, etc, will benefit.
globalization increases competition and competition breeds success. without competition people get lazy.
1 big disadvantage: Since we can't bring the other countries up to our level (quality, pay, cost of living, quality of life) the easiest thing is to take ourselves down to their level. Say goodbye to life as you know it.
The impact of globalization is negative on wage earners in wealthy countries where said workers expect enough pay to afford a house, a huge pimped-out truck, a boat, and have enough left over to eat large portions of red meat every day. The impact of globalization is positive on workers in developing countries, since they no longer starve when it doesn't rain enough because they're dependent on subsistance agriculture. (Example--those people Nike supposedly "exploits" in Cambodia work about 30 hours a week and are among the highest-paid wage-earners in the country.)

Of course, organized labor in the West decries globalization because they beleive in the motto: "More for me, less for you!"

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