America without imported goods?

My question is, would america "fall slowley" if it cut off all IMPORTED GOODS, or whatever?. Or would it make itself better? Please be logical

it would make itself worse off for the following reason. one of the things american citisens are used to and like about living there is the large range of choices they have when shopping this is because the majority of countries globally when exporting send their goods to america. if america were to ban imports it would either
a) produce very small quantities of everything and waste extreme amounts of scarce resources
b) the US will not increase production and the amount of choice when it comes to shopping that consumers have will be reduced and they will face higher prices due to the elimination of competition from imports
We need to raise tariffs on imported goods (especially from China) to keep our economy thriving and competitive. The more self sufficient we are the better we all do. Not just the wealthy.
There is no way a growing society like the US could ever be self sufficent. There are parts of the world where everything is cheaper to import and prices would go through the roof as compared to now if we did not. People used to talk about being self sufficent as far as oil went, or I think at least Bush and those idiots did, but you can definitely see how that could cause major problems. Not only that but US people employed by oil companied that work overseas would not be needed because we would no longer need their oil. This is just an example, and a very simple one at that. But I would not want to live in a large country like this and try to be self sufficent. It will never happen. Not as long as people go around expecting everythign for super cheap or free. I work with a cellphone carrier. You freebie jerks know who I am talking about.
Look, I don't want to sound incredulous here, but that's a very, very silly question.

American society would not "fall slowly" if it cut off all imported goods. American society would cease to exist in a HEARTBEAT.

What people don't seem to realize is that as the US economy crested over the decades following WW2, we started to become more and more dependent on foreign manufactured goods for our way of life. Consumerism -- the backbone of the American economy -- is mostly supported by cheap goods imported from developing nations like China.

America and its economic policies have generally pushed for a globalized market economy like this. Other countries (like China) can produce these cheap manufactured goods with greater efficiency than the US, so the theory goes that it is more efficient for the US to simply import those goods at a low price and switch the focus of its own economy. It's why we're more of a service industry economy now instead of a manufacturing economy. The US simply *cannot* compete with a completely free market realm in terms of most manufactured parts and other goods.

What you may or may not realize is that every single thing in your house, save perhaps a handful of items, were at least some part of a larger multinational effort. Do you drink canned sodas? Metals in your Coke can probably came from Australia, were smelted in Korea, turned into sheet metal in Switzerland, and were punched into cans in Canada before being shipped to a Japanese-owned canning/bottling Coke factory in Atlanta, Georgia.

The same story can be said of virtually anything in your home. Even if you have a wooden frame house, there's a very good chance that wood came from Canada or some other country.

Not to mention how fast the US would choke without a foreign supply of oil and other energy products.

The US economy absolutely *depends* upon being able to import foreign-made, cheap goods. Something that was completely made in the US would be absolutely, ridiculously expensive. You can't even imagine how inefficient it would be, or how fast the economy would dive.
our economy would crash if we cut off imported goods.the US doesnt produce enough on its own to be self sufficient...we depend alot on other countrys and what they produce

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