Assistance to the farmer by the government as a reduction in the cost of agricultural input is-----?

I wants to know the truth about that question.

it is a subsidy to help the poor small farmer stay in business and use up way to much land and produce way to few crops per acre. This keeps food prices to high. We are all being hosed by the small farmers.
Provides equitable taxation: A farmer with one family who lives on his land or a commercial farm that has no residents shouldn't have to pay the same amount for school tax as a neighborhood of 300 homes and possibly 175 families with children just because it takes up the same amount of surface space.

Paid prevention: By paying farmers not to over produce, it keeps the soil rich, prevents bumper crops that may spoil or drive the cost of certain foods down, and allow manageable regulation.

Natural Reimbursement: Wildlife will impact livestock. by reimbursing farmers for sheep killed by wolves or horses killed by bears, the government prevents the private termination of these species and allows for a more natural ecosystem.

Loan Assistance: Allows new farmers to borrow money at a lower interest rates, so that regardless of what they look like, who their parents were, or who they pray to, they can choose the career that America was founded on.

Of course there are a lot more. These are just a few that I thought were important.
a subsidy. Plain and simple.
A distortion of the marketplace through government intervention.

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