Chinese goods are "crap" and there is nothing you can do about it!?

I do not appreciate Chinese answering my question about their Cheap Crapy products. I am well aware that much of your websites are censured by your government so that you remain blind about the correct picture on things.Thanks yahoo for this website!

So,if you are a Chinese serving your government on a mission for "damage control" when responding to my questions,know that this will not change what I and the world think about your country.

Fast economic development? spare me the nonsence,we have seen many rise and falls.May be this might just be the beginning of the end.

The bottomline is that many poeple around the world have discovered that China has nothing much to offer. So hi! do not give me those imaginary crapy figures! "fast shipping" "cheap crap" "good country nonsence" I know you are a chinese and what more do I expect than "crap".

If you wonna buy crap,so be it!

ok this made no sence at all?

thx for the points

They ought to call it ....CRAPNA.
Lots of it is crap. But it's cheap crap. They can sell a cigarette lighter for an American dime. It may crack when you drop it but otherwise it works.

Japan started out making cheap crap. Look where they are now. Also Taiwan and Korea. Samsung was an embarassing second-rater, but now it has surpassed Sony in gizmos and gadgets.

I am a Filipino, so don't get all hot and bothered. Maybe you just got a bad deal on a delivery. Deal with it.

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