Are the majority of consumer products crap?

I can't believe the crap people buy when I am working. Alli, the newest weight-loss drug is selling like crazy at $60 a bottle. Other stuff, such as the newest Fusion razor blades sells at an expensive price of $10 for 4 or so. Meanwhile, it appears that the Sensor Excel does a similar job to the Fusion and is priced much more economically than the Fusion. Alli on the otherhand doesn ot work as well as what the studies show. It is a supplement but yuet the fatties try to use it lose weight.

When will people realize that the majority of consumer products is a bunch of crap? All that is necessary is to eat a balanced diet in terms of weightloss and that store brought goods are generally just as good as the name brand stuff.

They will only realize this when they understand the brainwashing that advertising and media does. When self worth is defined by media outlets that make people feel bad about themselves, people rush out to purchase the next product that's bound to get them closer to "perfection". This is an unattainable goal and will keep most people on a never ending mill of spend, spend, spend, gimme, gimme, gimme. When we as a society learn that our self worth comes from within, not from a magazine cover or a commercial we will be much better off. Of course, the economy will
Yes most products are crap. You need very little stuff.

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