Whats your general view on capitalism?

No big in depth stuff, just a simple general view please?


Capitalism is the natural order of things. It is survival of the fittest. It is do what is best for yourself (both short term and long term).
A system that is out of control.
It can work with some socialistic controls in place.
Capitalism is a highly effective reinforcement system that generates a lot of behavior. Unfortunately, it has poor methods for regulating the disparity of wealth and for incorporating so called "external costs" into its pricing scheme.

Overall I give capitalism a D-. I would favor heavy state regulation, high taxation, and a high degree of ecological regulation. I consider myself a socialist.
Capitalism is the economic system of liberty. It is, at its core, the very foundation of liberty. I have something you want, you have something I want. We exchange.

The unfettered flow of goods and services create wealth. When the government begins to interfere, they are saying that they know what consumers need more than consumers do.

B.F. Skinner, you would doom us all to a lower standard of living, due to your poor understanding of economics.

Thumba, capitalism requires you to serve people in order to profit. If you don't give them something they want for what they are willing to return, you won't do business.
I like it.
Money is dear to us humans. However, universal agreement quickly ends when the discussion turns to issues like creating, controlling, distributing or protecting wealth on a societal scale. Witness the never–ending angst surrounding the World Bank and UN trade summits. Capitalism has often been blamed for the inequities among and within societies, like post–Communist Russia, in which it attempts to take hold. Yet, is there a more fundamental cause for the abuses that come into play in a capitalistic (or any other) society? Many tie Christianity inextricably with capitalism. Indeed, economist Max Webber argued that Calvinist doctrine created the seedbed for capitalism's "rational asceticism," as Wolfhart Pannenberg puts it, but that early capitalism's other–worldly focus and religious dedication was secularized over time in a rush for wealth. This, Webber claims, creates a capitalist system bearing little resemblance to the motivations from which it sprang.
Thus, some distinctions regarding purist capitalism and the Christian view of economics are in order. We join in this task in our Special Focus, while discussing the worldview considerations of economics and its relationship to governance and freedom.

Some economists admit that their field is just as much a social science—whose core issue is human nature—as it is a hard mathematical science, as has been the predominant view in recent decades. Historians show us that up until the recent past, economics was inexorably bound up with the fields of ethics, government and even theology. For example, Augustine and the Bible both say much about how our view of man effects our view of wealth, poverty and economics and how these issues relate directly to sin, righteousness, justice and mercy. According to the 1981 statement by the Institute on Religion and Democracy, Christianity and Democracy, "We believe that the personal and institutional ownership and control of property—always as stewards of God to whom the whole creation belongs—contributes greatly to freedom. We note as a matter of historical fact that democratic governance exists only where the free market plays a large part in a society's economy." The Church universal is still debating the balance of values like mercy for the poor and the common good of the majority. Whatever your view, sample our Special Focus for more.
My general view is that it is often successful because it plays into people's innate greed. This is why socialism never really works: why should someone kill himself working when he's not going to reap the benefits? I don't see capitalism as good or bad, it's just one type of economic system, and like anything else, it has its good points and its flaws. When combined with some socialist elements to insure that people are not being exploited, it can work pretty well.
Capitalism is fine like any other system. But when a few people just profit while the rest are starving then I have to question the validity of capitalism. When capitalism has more of a sharing spirit it will be a system for all people and not a handful.For now I will say capitalism is for the greedy and they in turn give the individuals the crumbs to be happy with.
It is a simple system of life. You work, you get paid. You produce something, you get rewarded(with money). Socialism gives rewards for effort in phony worthless medals. Socialism is a parasitic system that feeds off the effort of those that work. It requires a strong police system of spies, prison sentences, corruption, power for the few, 5 year plans, which if you do not achieve, you get punished. If you do achieve you get a medal or advancement in the 'government hierarchy', where you can be a stronger parasite off the few remaining workers. Socialism is good for ant colonies. The worker ants are doing the same thing they have done for millions of years. No change. No individual worth. Much like the 'progressive' tax system in the US. It takes money from those that work harder and gives it to lazy grasshopper types, as well as a bigger and bigger load of parasitic government bureaucrats(also known as parasites).
Sorry about the length, but I'd like to give Websters definition of Capitalism, please read carefully:

An economic system characterized by private or corporation ownership of capital goods by investments that are determined by private decision, rather than state control, and by prices , production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly in ***The Free Market***!

I had to write this to clarify your question & my answer.

In the USA we haven't had a true type of capitolism since we went off the Gold standard in 1933!
The state is controlling the value of the American money, rather than, "We the People".
Under the Gold standard we had private banks, that I admit were shaky, however that was because of poor fractional reserve lending practices, imo.

To make a long dialog shorter, the USA prospered greatly under a *True* free capitalistic system, and is now suffering under the Industrial Military Complex type of capitalism we have morphed into today, where gvt. snoops supervise every aspect of *private enterprise types* of business.
I hate it. A system based on gross inequality (which is rarely even based on merit) and greed with few redeeming features. The whole "capitalism is freedom" idea people have sounds straight out of "1984." You can't have a free society when most people don't have enough while a few have more than they could use in a hundred lifetimes. Someone with more money can (and often does) use coercion (even violent) to make others do things they otherwise wouldn't, and that is NOT compatible with liberty. Gift economies are better, even if they may require small-scale social organization to work. Then again, we don't know if they would succeed long-term on a large-scale because we haven't really tried much. And I haven't even started on the environmental destruction capitalism, especially industrial and post-industrial capitalism, is largely responsible for.
To paraphrase what Winston Churchill said about democracy, capitalism is a terrible economic system but it is better than all the others that have been tried.
It is the worst economic system... except for all of the others that have been tried.
I can't say it any better than beesting did. Amen!

Ron Paul's first order of business as president would be to abolish the Federal Reserve.

It's time to take our country and our money back.

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