Developed and developing economies?

why is it that countries such as India and Japan that are developing countries (not so rich) have a more growing population than developed countries like Canada and United states (which is very rich), shouldnt more people want to move to Canada and U.S because we provide more opportunities and a better lifestyle? but yet its the other way around. the population is growing more rapdly in third world countries..why is this?

First, Japan has one of the lowest birthrates in the world. India's birthrate is high.

Second, many people in developing countries would love to migrate to the US and Canada. I don't know about Canada, but the US greatly limits immigration.

Third, one theory is that poor people view children as a way of providing for their old age. They need children to make certain that someone will take care of them. This is one reason why poor families prefer male children because a girl will end up taking care of her husbands parents rather than her own parents. But as incomes grow, families are less concerned about old age, and the birthrate falls.
usually stems from cultural and educational issues.

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