Countries industrialized vs. third world?

would you rather live in an industrialized country or a third world country? What are its advantages and disadvantages
say the opposing countries ads and disads

thanks so much!

I'm not sure what advantages there might be in living in a third world country other than the natural beauty of things. The downside includes a lack of a potable water supply, lack of sewers, lack of health care facilities, extreme poverty.
What sort of question is this? Who in their right minds would choose to live in the Third World if they could escape to a rich Industrialized country? I would rather be on welfare in America or Europe, at least getting TV and clean food and plumbing than being in some place like Africa or India eating rice made with contaminated sewer water.
Well in my current position, I would prefer to live in a third world country probably.If you have enough capital and an entrepreneur soul, there are many business opportunities.Bring anything from the rest of the world, and sell with a great profit margin...Doesn't that sound good?
Pissed_Limey can only look as far as his nose. That's as far as he will get in life.
Many first world people have lived in third world countries: Ernest Hemingway, Paul Gauguin, Jack Kerouac, Antonin Artaud, that is, all of those interested in finding out what the world has to give them in experience, knowledge, adventure. Nothing that would move people like Pissed_Limey out of their couch.
So if all you expect in life is clean tap water, then there is nothing in the third world for you. But if you can accept challenges, if you want life to offer you something out of the beaten track, you could find it outside your safety bubble.
And there are tons of Americans currently living in third world countries (drinking clean water and reading a lot).
I don't think living in a third world country would make me happy at all. You loose access to knowledge (books, internet, schools, etc...) which I would kill myself without Barnes and Nobles in my life. You have to remember that Third World countries usually lack highly developed educational systems which to some economists is why they are a Third World status. Without education, you are limited in your skills and possibilites to enjoy new things in life. I buy my Product (Red) stuff and give to the Global Fund, but I could not live in a third world country. I respect those who do.

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