Respond: Poverty of purpose is worse thatn poverty purse...?

Respond: Poverty of purpose is worse thatn poverty purse...?
I don't understand this please explain...thanx
If this is in the wrong categ. I apologize but I don't understand it so I didn't know where it is supposed to be..sorry

poverty of purpose is worse than poverty purse.

hmm. that's a tough one.

poverty of purpose as in people create their own poverty issue?

poverty purse...I have no idea...

where did you hear this? if it's back in Shakespeare time you'd likely have to go to a library and ask an old lady. I'm almost tempted to call my grandma and ask her but she's on vacation for another week :(
It's better to have something you really would love to accomplish, a solid motivating factor for trying to get it done, and doing something to get it more than owning stuff.

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