By when will the Dollar be replaced by the Amero?

My guess is by year 2010. Maybe 2012 by the latest. Though making Canada + USA + Mexico one big country will definately take longer... Probablly 2020 for that, but 2010 for the Amero to take full effect like the Euro did.

The "amero" will not ever happen because in order for it to occur, all countries involved would have to have similar economies...while Canada is slightly behind, the U.S. no one alive today will ever see the Mexican economy be any more than it is now. The poitical corruption that has always, and will always, run Mexico, will keep them in their crappy little country state forever. The democratic process to get rid of the corruption matters not...because the people who want change have already waded the river into the States.
Canada and Mexico will become states 51 and 52 before the "Amero" will ever happen.

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