I keep hearing of this vibrant, growing US economy. What industry is left here that is hiring ?

With all of our exported jobs and industries, what else is there here to maintain this economy ? what is driving it, job creation wise, besides the Medical field ? Hotels ?

The two fastest growing industries are the hospitality and retail industries. Neither really pay that much to start, however. I work in the hospitality industry and there really is a lot of opportunity, at least in finding a job.
Good question, I wondered the same thing myself. I think its only a matter of time before the US hits rock bottom. Look at the Forclosures, Bankruptcies, & Repossesions going on. It's ridiculous. Americans depend on Credit, and all but 2 % of the US are so far in debt, that they live paycheck to paycheck. It's sad because you don't know if you are going to have a job tommorow or not. I think our next president should bring the industries back.
it's been said for years that America has turned into a service based economy. services, knowledge, and information. the famous example everyone uses is IBM. they sold off their hardware division to Lenovo (China), and sold off their renowned hard drive manufacturing division to Hitachi (Japan). Today, IBM does consulting and service type stuff, and not so much hardware sales.

Biotech is a huge and growing industry. With the human genome mapped, all kinds of stuff is happening. Plus, there is a dire need for alternative fuels. Medicine is a huge field in biotech, and so are chemical pesticides.

Since the atomic bomb dropped, many many scientists pursued physics and chemistry in hopes of ushering in this new "atomic age." the life sciences were neglected for a long time and are starting to come back.
I think Manpower is like the number employer. Or was.
all is hiring.
Lawn care workers, Pharmasicts, Nurses, Electricians, Truck Drivers, Delivery Drivers, barbers jobs that dont get outsoured that are needed. Healthcare needs people badly, and they pay employees 5 grand at work to find people they know are doctors, pharmasicit because there a dime a dozen. Truck Drivers is a job that is needed and pays decent, and is landscaping, or gardening work, elecricians, board band repair people, windsmith to fix windwills. The green collar needs people, the blue collar needs people, but the white collar is probadly saturared at this point and those jobs will be most likely outsourced.
Accounting (huge), BioTech.
We have a shortage of IT professionals and auto mechanics where I live.
oil and gas (Exxon, Shell)


Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Medical, Physics

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