Combine like terms?

Combine the like terms:

5p2 + 2p + 8 + 4p2 + 5p – 6

My answer: 5p2 + 4p2 + 5p + 2p + 8 – 6

Am I doing this correct?

nope it's 9p2+7p+2 since you're adding together the same variable numbers
Who knows but it looks frightfully clever to me.
So I don't know.
If I needed to know I'd ask that smart guy in your class because there is always one isn't there!
If you are in UK and have finished uni for this year well then I'd ask anyone who studies this.
If this fails I would go into your nearest university library and ask the librarians for help.
They always know who the smart people are and they will point you in the right direction.
Good Luck.

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