Can you name some products that do well during low demand and poor economic times?

Chemical engineers, because they go in and make plants more efficient in the hard times.
consumables, like groceries I would imagine
Cigarettes and alcohol - during poor economic periods people would be more stressed out so smoking would pick up since it tends to have a calming effect while alcohol would shoot through the roof because it helps people temporarily forget their problems and there is also less of a stigma about it being bad for your health.

I would also say that bread and milk will always do well, just because.
non durable goods, such as food, and toiletries. people are thinking more present termed in recessions, therefore durable capital goods are less popular.
cigarettes and booze
Low-end life insurance (the kind that covers funeral costs).
Answers below aren't right - food, cigarettes and booze are fairly consistent - - - that is why STOCKS in COMPANIES that produce them are in high demand during recessions, because investors fly to earnings and cash flow QUALITY rather than seeking high growth / high risk.

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