What is Britain's economic relationship with Russia?

just the basics plz

Gas based one. Plus a bit of aluminium. Basic enough?
dident you just ask that?
we should be nice to them as when the oil runs out we will need their natural gas !!
Not sure we have one per se, other than it is a super power and obviously it's economic power is huge. It's population is massive and while it's economy is unstable, where the wealth is distibuted, Great Britain would like to benefit from (whether you agree with it or not!) e.g Abromovich and other extremely wealthy 'concentrated sources'.
I would suggest also that it is it's influence, more than it's economy, we seek.
Among the best of all European nations... Trade investment there reach aroung 11 billions a year, with interests in oil companies. BP and its friends are well implemented over there!
Again, this whole thing is related to oil... Just to make more of Europe dependent from the American controlled oil cartel...
We need Russia's natural resources. It is an immense country and has lots of untapped oil, gas ,minerals etc.

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