AP Economics? or AP Goverment?

Has anyone ever tooken ap economics and or ap goverment (high school) before? was the class hard for u? just wondering because i hav to take those two class plus anatomy an physics<<which i know takes a long time to memeorize, and english..

I took AP Econ in highschool, and while I didn't have much trouble with it, some people do. Both Econ and Govt are going to mean a lot (LOT!) of reading, most likely, so both are going to take time, but Govt is probably going to be easier in general.

If you don't like math, don't go for Econ, it will at least have some and Govt will have next to none. Econ is really sort of hit and miss. If you find it easy and enjoy it, it will be a great class. If you struggle with the concepts, etc, it will be hell.

I love econ, so I say take the risk, but I guess I'm a little biased :)
I personally like econ way more than govt. The math isn't that hard. Its not calculus stuff, more like algebra. If you wanna become a business major take econ. If you like politics take Govt. The high school I went we didn't chose everyone took both. I lied the class and It was easy for me but it depends on your teacher. Physics if your good at math than you should be find. It is kind of similar to calculus. Physics for me was a lot harder than Econ. I never took anatomy so I wouldn't know.
I would recommend AP Economics, taking econ in college has changed the way I look at the world, also, might I recommend reading online articles by Stanford Economics Professor Thomas Sowell? Google him, and read some of his works from the Jewish World Review, most are only about a page or two long and really insightful... Too often these days professors are teaching with a decidedly liberal bias, while this is not necessarily all bad, a bit of fiscally conservative thinking can go a long way in balancing your education. Any government class is likely to just discuss how awful the Bush administration has been, and I think that has been just played out, so expand your horizons and go for the economics...
i was in the same boat, i took my first AP courses, Gov, Econ, and Calculus AB, my senior year, while calculus was horrendous, but i survived, i did appreciate taking Econ and Gov, it was a challenging start in econ, but i did fairly well, especially if your good at relationships of different variables. Gov is more theory and i didnt do as well, but i got a 4 on the AP test, and got college credit. i did not take econ, because i needed to take 2 AP tests to get credit for one class and it was not worth it.

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