Between China & India, who will become the next superpower 1st world country. I will bet 30 shillings on India

I think India too. in decades to come.. Information Technology is important and integration into everyone lifes, be it work or leisure. India has tat expertise in developing tat infrastructure. India may lag become China in economic, but it will slowly catch up.

I have to go with China. A nation cannot be a superpower without a super military establishment. Granted, India's IT superiority must be considered, but China will continue buying and stealing it to meet its needs.
I have to go with China, maybe someday India will overtake them, but for the near term it is China. Even though China still has a long way to go in human right, and other areas the government seem to be very aggressive in becoming a superpower. India has a lot of potential, but is only advancing in pockets around the country. They still have a long way to go to catch up with China and a lot can happen while they are trying to do so.

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