Whats worth more than the American Dollar?

It seems every other curency in the world is worth more. Does this mean the USA is now third world?

the british pound, the euro, and the kuwait dollar, i know those are higher then the american, the japanse yen and indian rupee and south african rand are lower. I don't think it means that we are third world but i don't know what it means
GBP & EUR worth more but it doesnt mean US is a third world. it actually depends on monetary policy. Malaysian Dollar worths more than HKD, it doesnt imply that Malaysia's economy is better than Hong Kong
No we are not third world. We are about as far from it as can be.

You can't talk about currencies as worth "more" or "less". Just because $1.34 = E1 or whatever the Euro rate is, does not mean the Euro is worth "more". There was a time that japan was doing much stronger than us a while back, but their currency was always like 100-110 yen for every US dollar. That doesn't make the dollar worth "more".

It is all a relative thing. The dollar IS weak right now (is worth less than it used to be), but you can't talk explicitly in terms of "more" or "less", currencies don't work like that.
4 US Dollars = 1 Kuwaity Dinar. which means the Kuwaity Dinar worths 4 times the US Dollar.
no way. there are hundreds of countries in the world and the U.S economy is ranked umongst the top 5 and way at the bottom of that list is my neighbouring country Zimbabwe, they have appx 80% + uninployment and sivel unrest.

see it this way, if the majoraty of your country has to walk 5 miles to get fresh drinking water, your living 3rd world

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