Can a 240v 3 phase motor run on a 4 wire 208v system?

Check the nameplate details of the motor.
Usually, smaller motors (<50 Hp) in this voltage range have several possible connections for the various 'standard' voltages. One of these connections may specify use of 208 (3-wire, don't worry about the neutral, but be sure to follow good grounding practices).

Don't worry about the other fellow's comments about wye vs. delta. Follow the nameplate (or datasheet) connection diagrams given on or with the motor.

If this is a temporary fix, and the motor will be only moderately loaded, and you are willing to accept that the motor may be running outside of its specified normal operating parameters, then go ahead and run it.
Yes, at reduced power. You will not need the neutral conductor. Getting a transformer to obtain the correct voltage would be better.
is it a delta or Y hook up

i am going to assume that it is a delta
208/120 -- 3 ph

it is not possible
the voltage is too low to run
"...Operation of a motor rated 230v on a 208 volt system is not recommended. Such operation will generally result in excessive overheating and serious reducion in torques. Induction motors intended for use on a 208 v system should be rated for 200 v [MG1-14.35..." NEMA standards
Do people actually do it? All the time.
yes, all motors i'm connecting in our boilers are rated 230 volts(we are manufacturer of gas fired boilers) and yet almost all our specified power supply is 208 volts and our installed control transformer is 208 volts to match the power supply. almost all motors i've seen is rated from 208 volts up to 240 volts with the same connection. don't just use the neutral of 208 volts.
yes but at a lower efficiency may wear out or burn up the windings,depending on the duty factor and use of the motor

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