Are airport PA systems cabled or wireless operated and can their circuits be used to control other devices?

Can existing pa systems at airports and stadiums and other places be adapted and used to control a direct paging/tracking system to find missing passengers and also to connect other control rooms to eachother (like broadband) to improve security at airports and stadiums on ferries and cruise liners? For example can we connect computers and wireless transcievers to speaker cables and create a whole new security or paging system for airports and other places. Sleeping passengers, drunk, ill or dead passengers can't see flight screens or hear annoucements so paging/tracking all passengers direct would reduce plane downtime and reduce misery for thousands of delayed travellers. But what if some airport PA systems are wireless and not cabled? Can they be adapted to page/track awaiting passengers? If they could, why has UK patent GB2387993 not been snapped up by the airline industry? This patent seems really simple but would it work with wireless PA systems which have no cables to use?

Are you by any chance related to Malcolm Ian Truman?

The issue with this idea is that the main challenge to be solved in introducing such a tracking system is not the transponders but issuing tags to passengers/staff (both from a logistical and a "civil liberties" perspective) and the processes/staff needed for actually monitoring their location. How to cable up the transponders is a minor detail - patent GB2387993 is perfectly viable as a solution, but is unlikely to offer any significant advantages over using an airport's existing LAN, or indeed installing brand new cables.
It all sounds rather technical. And wireless is not 100% secure. If a bomb can be triggered by a mobile phone, who knows what some clever evil hacker could do to make use of a wireless PA system.
agree with above, good idea in principle - but be carefull what u ask at such a CRITICAL TIME.

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