What is mdb stand for in electrical?

I do not know, I have never heard it and I am an EE.
Did you mean to type dBm??

I have never seem the term mdb, but it could mean milli-decibel: 1000th of a decibel, but that would be sort of redundant, because dB is already a logarithmic scale.

If you meant to write dbm (dBm), then the answer is:
Decibels relative to 1 milliWatt. A power ratio given by the formula --

dBm = 10 * log(P / 1 mW)

30 dBm is 1 Watt
13 dBm is 20 milliWatts
-20 dBm is 10 microWatts
I agree with "tlbs 101," word for word.

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