Anybody knows about dimming system , the problems and it's trouble shooting ?

sometimes Lighting is flickering uncontrollably , this is DMX control dimmer for Tungsten Lamps

Check for the voltage fluctuation.
Dimmer was first introduced by Granville Woods in 1892 for theaters. The early dimmers were made for commercial purposes like in theaters and halls. The dimmer circuitry was so big that it cannot be used for residential purposes. Woods manufactured the early dimmer with heavy transformers and resistors. The quality of the output of early dimmer was not good and it created a electrical noise in the circuit which keeps on flickering the light. In 1960s, solid state electronics made progress and the first solid state dimmer was introduced by Lutron. The dimmer was made from solid state components which were more efficient and reliable. The wear and tear of the dimmer circuitry dramatically dropped and the life of dimmers changed from months to years.
The most likely problem is a loose wire. Check all your connections carefully.
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If the light fixtures on the dimmer use tungsten lamps and are designed to use tungsten lamps, then it is a loose connection somewhere.

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