Any project suggestions in signal processing ?

Analyze price data on the foreign exchange currency market. Use Goeztels's Algorithm to separate the signal in the data from the noise.
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huh i dont know wat u are talking about
For digital signal processing, you can try taking in an analog input (light, temperature, sound) and outputting it in the digital domain (digital display, microprocessor).

One DSP project I did was calculating the temperature coefficient of resistance...the inputs were a carbon film resistor, an analog temperature sensor, and a 100 hz sinusoid for timing, multiplexed into a digital domain. Basically, we got it so that when the resistor and temperature sensor, which had to be withing 6" of each other, were heated up, we could accurately detect the temperature coefficient of resistance of that resistor, a value dealing with how the actual resistance of the resistor changes with a temperature change. Of course, the rate of change of the resistor value was much, much smaller than the rate of change of the temperature sensor (both measured in voltages), so an operational amplifier with a high gain was used to amplify the small changes in resistance.

Through 3 different phases, we outputted the results on first an oscilloscope, then a 7 segment digital display with 16 bits of memory (using positive edge triggered flip flops), and finally through a microprocessor, with the results being sent to Matlab on a computer for analysis.

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