Anyone can design a simple circuit of Digital Voltmeter for me?

Got the Digital Voltmeter circuit that other than these website?

The circuit presented is as simple as a working circuit can get.

Everything is based on the AD converter chip. It is the big rectangle with all the leads running from it. What an AD converter does is compare an input voltage to a reference voltage and then generate a digital output. "AD" stands for "Analog to Digital". What is especially nice about the chip presented is that it hooks directly to the LED's. These are the light emiting diodes which form the numbers seen in the display. A good illustration of what they look like is seen in the second web link. In the schematic, they are the squares with the "8's" inside them.

I realize the circuit is somewhat intimidating, but what one can't see is all the circuitry embedded in the AD chip. It probably contains thousands of transistors and building this circuit from scratch would involve quite a lot of space, not to mention what it would cost to pruchase a thousand individual transistors. Then there would be the problem involved in hooking everything up correctly. Debugging an electronic circuit is much more difficult than debugging computer programs. Because of all these reasons, electrical engineers rely heavily on IC (Integrated Circuit) chips like the AD presented.

Hooking up the AD is mearly a matter of getting a few resistors for the voltage comparitor, a few capaciators and the LED's for the display. Some sort of power is going to be required, but most small circuits can run off 9 volt batteries. The only critical things are establishing a precise reference voltage. An adjustment is very handy and this circuit will be used to "zero" the voltmeter. The entire circuit appeared to be some sort of electronics kit. If it is, then assembling it ought to be fairly easy, since one already has a "PCB" or "Printed Circuit Board". Just place all the pieces in the proper holes and solder it all together.

If you have never hooked up an electronic circuit before, I suggest you buy a bag of resistors, some capaciators and a few individual transistors. Next, you will need a "breadboard". This is a circuit assembly tool and has hundreds of little holes where the components hook up. Next, try and build an "astable multivibrator circuit". It is just 4 resistors, two transistors, a pair of LED's and two capaciators. Designed right, the two LED's will blink on and off in sequence. It is not exactly the most sophisticated circuit in the world, but is a good introduction to electrical engineering.

Have fun & Good luck!

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