Modern cinema projectors ...?

does anyone know if we already have digital equipment in modern cinemas (for the picture i mean) or do we still watch Film material along with digitalized sound ?

just curious, never seen modern projectors so far

newly developed projectors in germany uses three laser beams with different wave lengths to enhance colors its been first used in germany for pirates of carebian
*Not since the advent of sound has technology so greatly impacted motion pictures. With its huge cost-saving potential, digital technology can alter every aspect of the movie-making process, from shooting through postproduction to delivery and exhibition.

The digital cinema revolution is the result of years of progress in the technologies of film, computer graphics, and high-definition television. Now Brian McKernan, founding editor of Digital Cinema magazine, provides an up-to-date look at how new digital technologies are reshaping the movie industry.

*Digital Cinema : The Revolution in Cinematography, Post-Production, and Distribution (Paperback)
by Brian McKernan (Author)
If you go into a regular movie theater tonight, what you will watch is still "good old" film (probably 70 mm with a 16:9 aspect ratio), run through a projector at 24 frames per second. IMAX film is 90 mm x 90 mm.

The digital revolution is coming, but not for another few years.


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