What are the different types of Footings?

I'm taking up Civil Engineering and we were asked to sketch and describe the different kinds of footing / foundations. An example would be a Spread footing.

I've searched through the internet, however i couldn't find other kinds of footings.

Do you know of a good site where this information and images are readily available?

*Typical Foundation Types:
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[Spread Footings]
[Wall on Grade]
[Voided Wall on Grade]
[Drilled Piers]
[WallVoid System]
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*Conventional or Continuous Spread Footings :
Used when low to non-expansive soils extend from conventional foundation depths to depths of at least 5 or 6 feet below the bottom of foundation. Also, depends upon ground water conditions.
This type of foundation consists of a single slab of concrete usually 12 to 20 inches wide upon which the foundation wall is placed. The footing has a relatively large base, which distributes the weight, rather than concentrating it, over a large area. This type of foundation design is most effective in non-expansive soils to reduce the amount of collapse or settlement.

Generally, the spread footing design is not recommended when swelling soils are present. When used in these conditions, at the very least it should be used in conjunction with soil replacement.


*Wall on Grade (Non-Voided):
The most common type of foundation, the non-voided wall-on-grade design consists of a continuous wall that rests directly on the soil. The wall applies a moderate to high amount of pressure on the soil because it has a relatively small base. This foundation is only recommended in areas that have low swell potential.
Usually continuous narrow footings at basement level
Shallow walls may be intermittent footing pads
Seldom used anymore, particularly where expansive soils are a problem.

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