Am I eligible for MIT?

I'm a junior in high school.
Got straight A's in all subjects,
taking dual-credit college classes (got mostly A's in those),
have plenty of volunteer hours,
I'm in student council,
and am planning to graduate with a associate's degree (which is very rare for a high school student).

I want to go to MIT's biological engineering program, but I want to know if ya'll think I can make it? What am I missing?

Hey you are doing good.
If you have above a 3.8 in high school and a 30+ on the ACT, you are at a good standing.
I know for Chemical Engineering, they do a entrance exam.
So they should probably do one for you too.
If you are a Junior now (Senior 2007-2008) apply for it in Aug.
So you would have enough time.
Also, i will give you a website. Go to it, and visit the top schools for Engineering's.
MIT is my favorite though :)
Best of luck and keep up the great work.
didnt see anything about SAT's. If you do really good on those i think you'll get in
You need good SAT score, and you ought to
just write to MIT directly over the
web and ask them whay they expect for bio-med
SAT's and class ranking need to be considered next
How well do you work in a highly competitive environment populated by the brightest people on the planet? Are you able to thrive, and excel, in it?

If you are curious, why ask YA instead of MIT admissions?

The answers post by the user, for information only, does not guarantee the right.

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