Anybody know of a sandy beach?

not to far from london an hour or so , not too busy , thanks

Margate has a sandy beach and is not too far from London - only 1 hr 32 mins away:
Difficult within an hour of London.

The closest decent beach I can think of is Hunstanton, on the North Norfolk coast.
Southsea near Portsmouth.
Camber sands, Margate, Walton on the naze
OK, beaches facing one way will be pebbly, facing the opposite way will be sandy. Brighton is pebbley, so Margate? Cromer? Any facing NOrth will be sandy. But come to Weston super Mare, and you will never want to go back.
East Beach at Shoeburyness near Southend on sea . Bring a barbie and have a great day .see you there! Tall slim with scruffy dog , sunday at 2 pm.
Frinton on sea nr Clacton, very nice clean sandy beach.
Eastbourne, smashing beach but its full of old biddies as its a retirement town.
No, but I dated a Candy Beach.

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