Can I use Light Dependent Resistor to measure the light intensity of Xenon Flash Lamp?

I wouldn't think so. LDRs have a very slow response compared with the pulse of light from an electronic flash. There is also the problem of calibration – if you do get a repeatable response, how does this relate to the intensity of the flash as measured in SI units? You could not even use it to compare two flashes, as they would probably have different flash durations, which, given the slow response of the LDR, would give misleading results.

You really need a fast phototransistor and some means of integrating its output to give the total light output of the flash (which is what matters, not its peak intensity). Using the transistor to operate a Schmitt trigger gating a fast counter would be a good scheme, but you would still need a standard source to calibrate your measurement unless a simple comparison is all you want.
if I got a choice I would use something with a faster response time, like a photodiode, or an LED,
the green LEDs make decent light receivers, other colors work, but the green have higher voltage out.
What is the time constant of your circuit? Detector saturation? Threshhold lag? Do you care about integrated intensity or peak intensity? Wavelength window?

You can always get a number. Is it a meaningful number in context? What do you need? If you know how many joules go in you have a ballpark number for what comes out, scaled by subtended solid angle view. About 50% conversion,

"xenon flash lamp" efficiency 20,000 hits

An engineer's first task is to deteremine the *real* cause of the problem. Fixing a false cause is only good for a Management performance bonus - that then requires more studies.

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