. In a club, 65% of members play Tennis, 45% play golf. 25% play both. What % play neither of the games?

65%+45%=110%, but this number includes members who were counted twice, which is 25% of them:

110%-25%=85% play one or the other, so 100%-85%=15% play neither.
This would work nice with a Venn Diagram. You can verify that 40% play tennis ONLY, 20% play golf ONLY. Since 25% play BOTH, 15% play neither.
the question will be solved using sets theory and the answer will be 15percent
15% play neither tennis nor golf.
I prefer venn diag for it
If there r 100 persons then 65 =tennis player
45= golf players
25=play both
65-25=40 play only tennis
45-25=20 play only golf
25 people play both
hence 40+20+25=85
out of 100 people 85 only play games then 15 donot play any game hence 15% donot play any game
Let total players be 100. Then tennis players 65, golf players 45
playing both 25
playing only tennis = 65 – 25 = 40
playing only golf = 45 – 25 = 20
Total players = Tennis players + golf players + playing both + playing neither.
100 = 40 + 20 + 25 + playing neither
playing neither = 15
Hence 15% do not play any game
yeah poooo.its 15% of them.

After reading all the above answers I can confidently say 15%
Thanks to others for my points.

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