Balsa wood!?! Balsa Wood: uses, creation process, properties etc.?

What are some common uses for Balsa Wood?
How is it made? What is the wood-milling process?
What are its material/structural properties?

Also, where can I find this information?

model aircraft airframes, it is made from the balsa tree, milled with fine teeth saws and sanded, it is strong and lightweight , one use is also this-its used in the floor of modern corvetts
Balsa wood comes from the balsa tree. Its used a lot for model building and buoyancy materials.
One use is for some really killer surfboards
Balsa wood is an absolutely terrific material to work with. It sands and cuts easily, takes glue well and has a superb strength to weight ratio. It is my favorite wood to work with. It grows wild and fast in several Central and South American rain forests. It cannot be cultivated. Price and demand have increased significantly in recent years. The volume to weight ratio varies greatly, as does the strength. As far as I know it is milled like any other wood. I am sure you can find a lot more info on Google and in Wickipeda.
I just finished building a model rocket with balsa fins. I have built aircraft out of it too, and model train buildings. It's fantastic stuff. One thing, if you're going to paint it you need to seal the grain first because it's so porous (which is why it's so light). Varathane is a great product for sealing wood; put on a coat and sand the rough surface off, then repeat until the surface is hard and smooth. After about six coats, you can spray-paint the wood and it will have a mirror finish.

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