Due to high cost of our Electric Bill, How can i Have my own electricity? What are the Efficient Device i use?

A windmill and good battery system. Also as much solar paneling as you can afford. We will all need these in the future.
Solar power and use energy star efficient appliances and dont waste energy.


Two sources come to mind, Solar Energy, is one and Wind Energy is the other. If you can put up a wind mill, you will be able to generate electricity. Some folks even sell their excess electricity to the local utility company. Generators typically cost more than the electric company charges.
Here is a DIY Wind Power Solution:

Here is a site that has plans that you buy to build one:

Here is a DIY Solar:

Here is how you can connect this for practical use:

Last but not least, this site has everything:
Here are a couple of ideas:

Replace standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (they use about 1/4 the electricity compared to standard bulbs)

Shut off the computer and other high-power devices when they're not being used.
Start by replacing all the light bulbs you can with fluorescent screw in lights, which have become much cheaper recently (down from $20 each to 3 for $8). Monitor how you use power. Replace full time use of air conditioners with ceiling fans to circulate cooled, but not cold air. Use smaller appliances when cooling the house, such as a crock pot slow cooker instead of an oven. Get more efficient appliances. Get a chest top freezer (lid opens up) so cold air doesn't fall out of it. Cook several meals at a time and freeze, reheating in a microwave for a short time. If you have electric heat, especially, raise lower the winter temp and wear more clothes. Make sure the house is sealed at seams around windows and the door seal tight (weather stripping is cheap.)
I've read some of the answers so far, and they all sound really good to me. My electric bill is outa sight too, so here is how I cut mine back. When we leave the room, we turn the lights off. I have a hot tub which I rarely use, so I turned it down to the summer mode. If we need it, it can be heated up in 3 hrs. but why run it if nobody is using it? Also, my little freezer in the basement, that is 15 bucks a month, I can put on something else next year. I turned my hot water heater up so now we take shorter and cooler showers. . And, not everyday! In the winter our skins dry out and crack and bleed even. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we bathe and fix our own hair.Everyone in the family has to be willing to stick to the rules and turn the leat back. One our bill, it says for every degree you turn the thermostat down, it is at least one degree. From 70 to 67 you could take a 200.dollar reduction and put If you call your local gas and electric co. they will send out a company person out to show you how to use less energy and save money all year long. Hope this helps you. It did me, i turned my heat back to 66 at night and 68 thorugh the day. We have a small electric space heater to keep us toasty where we are watching tv. Nothing brings a family closer than a bond to keep warm!!

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