How should we study a text book of Engineering?

The majority of engineering is knowing where to find what you need and the background to know how to use it.
Relying on your memory is not a good way to apply engineering. If the information is important try find reference material in at least three separate publications just to be sure there are no errors in any calculations, it is good to develop or derive any formulas you need to be sure of the source. If your studying for one of the engineering tests like the EIT or PE, make sure you can find information fast by reviewing and tagging important sections of the Engineering handbooks and textbooks that you are familiar with that cover the appropriate material.
Well, I managed to get through without being very good at studying but here's what I was told. I think it would work but I must confess I seldom did it.

They (my professors) said to read each chapter 3 times. Once just hit the titles and go all the way through to get a general idea of what the chapter is about. Then read the first sentence of every paragraph. And finally read word for word.

I never really had the time to do all that. I generally skimmed through the book. Looked at all the example solutions to problems and worked all the assigned problems at the end of each section. That will get you a passing grade but your going to miss points on test covering parts you skimmed over.

The first guy is right. I graduated in 1980 and I still have all my text books. I month never goes by where I don't have to refer back to one of them for one thing or another. No way you can remember all this stuff. I wouldn't trust anyone that claimed they could.
I have a lot of material engineering book..but i there is not even one that i read from cover to end..impossible to do i think. Because somehow they just seem boring.LOL!!I'm almost graduating now without really reading a lot of it..So what i do is, read the basic points of the chapter that will be on the exam. But if thats just way too boring. Study the chapters questions. That is just the best way to eventually read the book without sleeping after the first paragraph... ^^
It is impossible to read all the subjects througly. from exam point of view you should prepare six unit completely. And for ur interseting subject u shold cover all the syllabus and something about project work.
Manage your time and prepar a time table which apt you and then cover unit wise. it takes hardly 2 days to cover a unit througly.

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