How many people know who nikola tesla was?

if you dont i suggest you look him up he is the father of modern technology he invented the radio not marconi and is the reason why we have electricy not edison i would love to hear your opoins about this topic

Nikola Tesla is well known Croatian physicist who invented AC and is also notorious for his attempts to transfer electricity trought air and ground without cables. He also invented a type of a electromagnetic weapon that was impounded from him by the American government at the time.

I don't know how many people have heard about him out there, but he's well known among the people who live in the Balkan area
I have heard of Nikola Tesla many times. I enjoy his invention of the Tesla Coil, which can provide you amazing-looking electrical arcs. I like to think that Nikola developed the idea of electricity, and that Edison tweaked and implemented it.
I think you are confusing a clever scientist who came up with some great discoveries with the engineers who made many ideas into practical inventions. If Tesla had been able to bring some of his ideas to a practical stage our world would be very different. Instead others get credit because they carried Tesla's notions forward to useful objects.
WRONG! He invented the technologies, but kept his findings secret, so they could not be used, and subsequently stolen. We still have not found all of Tesla's notes, because he did NOT want his results made public. Marconi and Edison did their own research and published their findings, making the technologies available.
KrazyKyngeKorny (Krazy, not stupid)
Many scientists and inventors played a role in getting electricity into everday use. Edison *was* the first to setup a large-scale generating, distribution, and end-load system, but Tesla (with George Westinghouses financing) showed that AC, not DC was the more practical solution.

Tesla's most important invention was, by far, the AC induction motor. I have no less than 14 appliances in my home that use AC induction motors, some of them I consider critical (blower motor in my furnace, compressor motors in my refrigerator and freezer).

Yes I do, he worked on and registered patents in connection with alternating current and radio among his many discoveries. The SI unit for magnetic flux density ( the Telsa ) was named in his honour.
Ah, but he was his own worst enemy. Too much of an odd duck with truly bizarre beliefs to have held onto the credit he deserved.

Edison proposed DC current for the electric grid. Tesla advocated AC current. DC can't be easily transmitted over long distances. AC can be stepped up to high voltage for transmission and step down to lower voltage for use with very simple equipment. Tesla's concept won the day.

As for Radio, Marconi gets the credit because he put wireless to business use and got the patents.
hawkofalltrades is partly right. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were contemporaries and competitors. He is also right in that Tesla advocated alternating current for electric power distribution because AC power was easier, cheaper, and more efficient to generate and to distribute, while Edison advocated direct current, which presented a less dangerous shock hazard.

However, Tesla won that particular battle in most parts of this country as well as in Europe. We can thank him today for our modern power distribution system with its generators and transformers. Today, even those cities that had originally gone to DC power have long since converted to AC. We need power converters not because of the difference between DC and AC but because of the different AC frequencies and line voltages in different parts of the world.
a) Proponent of A/C electricity, as much better for consumers than D/C.
b) Experimenter with large scale electrical discharge, with an eye toward power transmission and communication.
c) Inspired the song "Tesla Girls."

Character in the RPG game "Martian Dreams" from Origin Systems.
Also suggested wireless power delivery. Recently proven by some guys at MIT. cool stuff..

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