Architectural engineering?

i would like to know what colleges offer this degree (except university of miami).
p.s. can anyone tell me the difference between architectural and civil engineering?

Civil engineering deals the the design of civil infrastructure. This includes roads, bridges, dams, power transmission lines, and pipelines.

Specializations within civil engineering include highway, or traffic engineering, structural building engineering, and civil-geological engineering.

Here in California, I do not know of any programs in "architectural engineering". There are a lot of good schools of architecture, and of engineering.

If you want to bring engineering skills into the field of architecture, I suggest you pursue civil engineering with an emphasis on structural.

Be aware, that a SE deals with the design in a fairly rigid, technical manner. The elements of design, aesthetics, and ergonomics are of little concern. The SE is a scientist who determines the most economical way to construct a building that will not fall down.

An architect, who is the principle designer does not need the same level of math and physics training that an SE needs, but does need to be familiar with some basic elements of structural design; the function of roof trusses and diaphragms, and columns. The architect needs to know what are shear walls, headers, beams, girders and posts.

I believe that U Miami is a private school, and therefor very expensive. Most states have very good public colleges and Universities. I am sure that the Florida State U. is a good school, and there are probably more than one Campus.

Go to the websites of the various FSU campuses and look up their various academic programs. Avoid private, for-profit schools like U. of Phoenix. You will get a McEducation at U of Miami prices.

Here in California the State University has twenty campuses. I went to the one in Long Beach. Our daughter will be starting at San Diego State soon.
see in this sites.

The engineers on a project design team are responsible for different specialties. The architectural engineers are responsible for the different systems of building, structural mechanical, electrical, etc. The engineering systems outside of the building are the responsibilities of the civil engineer, (i.e. site development, storm water management, transportation, etc.). In addition, civil engineers may design structures other than buildings, (i.e. bridges, dams and retaining walls).

At Penn State both the AE and the CE programs offer course work in construction management. The AE program deals with the construction of building projects and the CE program covers site related and geographically larger projects.
archetects design structures considering dimiensions beauty comfort and luxury within budget they are artists
civil engineers design and manage construction they design dimensions of structural parts and steel required to be safe in service
i recommend in civil eng coz its a very wide major a civil eng can design buildings, highways, sanitary piping, dams, and alot of things and there is lack of civil engieers
Go with civil. It will provide you more opportunities. Architectural is too specialized.
I have an AE degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

AE is building related disciplines: HVAC, lighting, power, plumbing, life safety. Think of it like a cross between mechanical and electrical engineering that skips stuff that isn't building related, like engines and circuit boards.

Civil engineering has to do with: roads, drainage, bridges.

The wikipedia page lists all AE programs in the U.S.

A lot of people confuse AE with Architecture. More people have heard of it now, because there are more programs. I think there were only 4 or 5 programs 20 years ago.

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