Can 9 volt batterries give you a shock?

Iam a 21 year old male college student living in Canada and Iam studying electronics. What happens if I put together ten 9 volt batteries, wouldn't that make it 90 volts? How dangerous is this experiment?

I dont know where some people get their information sometimes.

According to NFPA 70E for safe practices involving electricity any Voltage in excess of 50V (ac or dc) is potentially fatal.

The heart recieves electrical impulses from the nervous system which will cause the muscles to contract in a specific order to pump blood through the body. Any disruption of those signals could cause the heart to go into defib resulting in death.

Only 100mA is required to disrupt the heart.

A body's natural resistance can be as low as 200 and typically 1000ohms.

90V/200ohms = 450 mA
90V/1000ohms = 90mA

Keep in mind currents in the order of 15mA is refered to as the let-go threshold. Meaning currents at this level will force the bodies muscles to contract makeing it impossible to open ones hand. Shoud the source of the shock be in your hand then not only will the tighning of your grip reduce your natural resistance, but you will perspire reducing your resistance even further.

My understanding is that a 9V battery can be in the 400mAh to 500mAh range.

So, is it dangerous if not handled with care? Absolutely.
ask a professional about it.
they'll know
but in the future times
beware of batteries
i know it sounds weird but..
some people stick batteries on their tounges.
never do that if you do it too many tmes
you die instantly.
Depends on the amperage of the batteries. Are they small flashlight types, or large automotive ones. How powerful the battery is depends on the charge stored..and amps = charge / time. The unit of voltage can be misleading.
DC Electricity can burn you, but it is AC electricity that kills people. For a high voltage 9v example, consider a stun gun - most of them are powered by 9V batteries.
if you were to wire them in series you could achieve 90v @ .2- .3ml-amps p/hr. if you wired them in parallel you'd have 9v @ 2-3amps p/hr.
Try this, stick the 9 volt battery on your tongue. Feel that!

I believe that any thing > 30 volts is considered dangerous. 10 90 Volt batteries is 90 Volts and is dangerous if carelessly handled. Be careful and have fun.
Yes and no...Depends how you do it. If you put it into series, all voltages will add up until voltage is high enough to penetrate your skin. Parallel connection will not change the voltage.

The wattage will be limited to batteries capacity and may not cause physical burn. The danger will be the shock that may affect your heart.
There is a lot of misinformation in some of the answers above.
Yes, 90V DC can kill you , with wet hands or even slightly damp. Dont let anyone fool you that because of its size, a battery can't hurt you. 90V is 90V, close to household voltage. AC or DC doesn't matter, although they have different effects on the body. Only 1mA can produce a strong shock, especially if it flows across your heart (hand to hand).

Cattle prods are higher voltage but their current is limited. With ten batteries in series, the current could be several hundred mA, enough to kill.

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