AutoCad undo explode command?

How can I redefine parts of my drawing after using the explode command. I drew a part as a 3D object, I exploded it and it became a Body, and now I want to turn it back in to a 3D object.

Highlight all of the piece and click make block.
you have a few options:

1. if you are still in the cad file, you can simply "undo" until you have undone the explode command.

2. if you have already saved and exited the file, you can search for your "___.bak" file. force that file to be "___.dwg" and open it. You might be prompted to recover, if so let it do so. This file might contain your old work.

3. If not, you're in trouble
Both of the previous answers have elements of correctness, but neither tell you the thought process involved in the answers.

With answer 1 it's true that making it a "block" will make it one piece, but it won't make it back into a true 3D object... it would just be a grouping of lines/entities that are "blocked" together.

Answer 2 didn't tell you why you should do these things. The real answer is that once an entity is no longer an "object" it can no longer be made back into one after it's been exploded except to block it (which doesn't turn it back into an entity either). As a result, answer two is the "second" workaround while answer 1 is the first workaround.

Ultimately if you want to have a true 3D object again you'll need to redraw it assuming that it was a 3D object to begin with. the previous answers were workarounds depending on your situation.

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