Do I need good artistic ability to sketch machines I want to build or can I be a very good technical sketcher?

So how can I make drawings of my ideas without having good artistic ability?

Drafting ability is to be preferred over artistic ability when it comes to sketching items for machining or building. Artists do a bang-up job of estimating, perspective, and embellishments, but freehand work is not accurate or reliable enough for take-offs.
Nowadays, traditional drafting skill has pretty much been eliminated by the rise of drafting software. Modern software allows for 3D modelling, even conceptual renderings, that takes no real artistic skill whatsoever.

You will need to buy some software which can be very pricey. You also should have some technical understanding of what you are trying to sketch. Like anything good skills take time to develop.
You might like to look at these books which you can search inside to help with your sketching ideas:
How to Draw Cars Like a Pro at :
How to Draw Cars the Hot Wheels Way at:
How to Draw Aircraft Like a Pro at:
Good luck with your sketching. Kay

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