Any dictionary that will translate building and engineering terms in English to Chinese, or vice versa?

I have been assigned to manage and supervisor construction projects in Shanghai. As most of the construction and engineering terms that we commonly used in Singapore are in English, i foreseen some difficulties in communicating with the chinese national unless those terms could be described to them in chinese. Any dictionary that could translate the technical terms from english to chinese would come in handy and useful for me.

Here are two, available on Amazon, that may help. The first one is a bit dated, but is very specific to your requirement, and *very* reasonably priced (especially by the pound). I have not used this one, but at that price, I'd pick one up just to see if it will get the job done.

The second is also a lug to carry around, costs quite a bit, and saved my butt several times in Japan (it's a Japanese/Chinese/English version). Thankfully, it was their copy, and I didn't have to haul it to work.
Try using online translator

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