How do you measure to charge of a capacitor in PSPICE?

Charge = capacitance * voltage.

Plot the voltage across the capacitor (transient analysis), then setup a function to plot C * V

Example: C1 is 50 UF
The formula would be: 50E-6 * V(C1)

as far as i know, in pspice, you specify your own capacitor value, then the software simulates with it. and when simulating, pspice sees your set values as constants, and caculate resulting current and voltage, then it varies the resulting values a little to simulate noise, transmission lost and such. this is what i learned from using pspice to do circuit analysis. maybe that's what you are doing too? please specify. but if you are just looking for the capacitance from a circuit diagram, you don't even need to use pspice, just do hand circuit analysis, or take your capacitor to a capacitance meter

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