What woul happen if i drop an egg on top of concrete a certain way?

u see i've been wondering that mabe if you drop on egg on top of concrete and pull the concrete down with the egg at the right timing that mabe it wouldn't crack. or would it :-?

If both the egg and concrete were descending at the same rate then the egg would never actually hit the concrete. If the concrete were descending just a fraction slower than the egg then the impact would be so gentle that the egg wouldn't break.

Think of a car running into the back of another - if the first car is stationery there's going to be a lot of damage but if the first car is going just slightly slower than the car that runs into it you're only going to get a minor bump.
The yolk inside the egg will break your concrete!!!!!
it will break i have been told about this problem once in a tech class but i dont know the solution
if you could move the concrete at the same rate as the dropping egg I would say it would not break. You can also soak an egg in vinegar for a week and it will rubberize and bounce on the concrete.
How do you propose pulling the concrete down with sufficient speed to coincide with the egg landing? Concrete is heavy.
Yes you can do that... Elasticity of Egg shell is very very low. if the impact on the egg shell is lower than the elastic limit, you can well do it.
it would get scrambled

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