Im homeschooling and i need help with Geometry.?

Can anyone help me how to understand questions? Or refer me to some sites

What questions do you need help with?
You would do better asking over on the math section. With the math freaks that do math for "fun" hehe
You can go to libraries every now and then, they often have people who will help(tutors). may help. Also, try a google search on geometry to find helpful sites.

Try going to a used book store to find other books on geometry that may be easier to understand, or give a different perspective than your book. is a paid site that offers help on many topics.

Also, remember that in geometry what is done is that they try to find principles whereby to understand shapes. The principle of similar triangles is a very important one. Proofs are done by stating basic facts and using them to show that certain principles apply to that situation.

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