Battery to electrical?

Hi i was wondering about converting a lego motor which is battery powered into an outlet source on the wall. Any ideas on how to do this because i really dont want to rely on batterys. Is there any way to make a motor by myself which can connect into the outlet on the wall.

You will find out a lot about Lego motors here

If you page down to the bottom you will see that another hobbyist has connected a power supply into a Lego system by constructing "dummy" batteries that connect to a power supply.
If you purchase a AC to DC wall adapter for this purpose make sure that it can handle the starting current of your motor. The link listed above gives stall currents for a variety of different Lego motors.

I'd go to and look up
Wall & Desktop Transformers AC/DC (AC-DC) to get a suitable AC to dc converter.

The output from any of these converters should be safe (it will have an internal fuse). You may want to add an extrnal fuse with a lower rating that will blow first since the internal fuse is not accessable.
Take a motor out of an old worn out appliance like a mixer or food processor.
You can buy a cheap AC adapter from Radioshack that matches the voltage produced by your battery pack (ie: 2 AA's is 3 volts, 3 would be 4.5 volts) then strip the wiring near the connector and solder the wires to the battery terminals on your motor.
what u need to do is find the wiring that connects to the battery cut and strip them then get a plug off of a fan or something cut and strip it then connect the stripped wires together. just make sure your motor can handle 110 volts otherwise the motor will blow up. if the motor cant handle 110 volts you will need to build a voltage devider circuit between the plug and motor.
You might run into problems with your Lego application. You would have to trade in your DC motor for an AC motor. AC motors are generally larger and heavier and require safety devices so you don't get killed playing with it. But there is hope, you could get a transformer with the desired DC voltage and wire it to your DC lego motor similar to how a model train works.
Convert a motor into an outlet source in the wall?? Wow, I would like to see that...

Besides basic writing skills, what you need is an AC-DC adapter. You can get one in Radio Shack. Any value between 4.5V and 9V is fine for Lego motor.
This question is to silly to answer. Just take it to your nearest Radioshack center and explain this problem to them. They will provide you with the nesesary ac adaptor to suit your application without getting yourself zapped.

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